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Kudozza v.3 - Our UI gets a Heartfelt Makeover |

No stone stays unturned. We updated the UI for a bright and friendly future in the new Teams client.

Crafting the Perfect Kudos: A Guide to Meaningful Appreciation |

Discover the art of crafting meaningful kudos in our latest blog post. Learn how every expression of appreciation, no matter how small, can significantly uplift someone's spirits and foster a positive work environment.

Edit an already sent kudos |

Edit kudos - A new feature to bring psychological safety and making it easier to give kudos

Kudozza's New Pricing Strategy |

Shifting from Kudos-Based to User-Based Tiers

Kudozza's Challenges: Do they work? |

Is there any scientific research? Or why do they work?

Appreciation: Where Maslow and modern brain research agree... |

Maslow's needs hierarchy is already 75 years old. But he got some very valid points in regards to appreciation and recognition.

The astonishing effect of kudos on the givers brain |

Giving kudos is not only a good thing for the receiver but also for the giver. Learn about the processes that are triggered in the brain.

Kudozza now let's you change how your kudos looks like! |

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to the look of kudos. Kudozza now gives organizations an easy way to customize their kudos