Edit an already sent kudos

We’re pleased to announce that Kudozza now offers an important feature: the ability to edit a sent kudos.
While not earth-shattering, the new feature enhances the psychological safety for the author of the kudos.
It ensures that an incomplete or incorrect kudos doesn’t have to be a source of worry.
Missed a detail? Forgot to include a deserving team member?
Simply edit the kudos and make the necessary amendments.

With the apprehension of making errors or omissions eliminated, team members can focus on what truly matters - expressing their sincere appreciation.
So this important feature can lead to an increase in the frequency of kudos, thereby enhancing team communication and mutual recognition.

Cultivating a positive team culture is vital, especially in the context of remote working facilitated by platforms like Microsoft Teams.
A good team culture is the antidote to silent quitting - a phenomenon where disengaged employees remain on the job but are mentally and emotionally checked out.

With the introduction of the Edit feature, Kudozza continues its mission of improving the user experience and promoting a positive team culture. It demonstrates that even seemingly small enhancements can have a substantial impact on how we connect and communicate within our teams. So, whether you’re a long-time user or just getting started with Kudozza, the enhanced flexibility is sure to make the experience even more rewarding.