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How Kudozza works

Kudos as interface The prime interface to Kudozza is the giving of Kudos and the forstering of reactions to a Kudos. To read all the features coming with this, have look a the Features section.

Showing appreciation Appreciation is a powerful tool in a group. And it can not be used enough. So promoting and distributing such praise is key to Kudos and thus Kudozza. Read more about this in the Why section.

Strengthening relationships Each kudos is another connection between team members helping to recognise each other and care more about it each other.

Focusing on the positive Kudos are displayed publicly and bring a lot of focus on the good things that are happening in the teams and the organization. It is like reading a good news newspaper. Refreshing and insightfull.


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20€ / month

For small teams getting serious in their usage.


100€ / month

For larger companies with a lot of kudos going on.


200€ / month

The sky is the limit. Shape Kudozza with us.

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