Kudozza's New Pricing Strategy

We have made a significant change in Kudozza’s pricing strategy. Moving forward, the pricing will no longer be based on the number of kudos sent, but rather on the number of active users (users who give or receive kudos) in a month.
This shift comes in response to customer feedback and aims to foster a kudos-rich culture that promotes better workplace atmospheres and recognition for hard work.

Why the change?

There are two primary reasons behind this strategic shift in Kudozza’s pricing model:

  • With a kudos-based pricing model, many customers struggled to anticipate how many kudos their team would use, leading to confusion in purchasing the right plan. By switching to a user-based pricing model, customers can now easily determine the appropriate plan based on the size of their team.

  • Kudozza’s primary goal is to encourage a kudos-rich culture that leads to better workplace atmospheres and improved employee engagement. Limiting the number of kudos available in a pricing plan contradicted this mission, as it inadvertently restricted the potential for positive reinforcement and recognition.


Kudozza now restricts on the number of active users within each pricing tier. This means that only the maximum number of users contained in a plan can give or receive kudos. However, the tiered structure ensures that the limitation does not hinder the overall experience, as it allows for flexibility in terms of which users can participate.

Head over to our pricing page to see the new Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.