Getting Started

Only a few simple steps are needed to get going with Kudozza

  1. Find and install Kudozza from the global App catalog within MS Teams
  2. During installation install bot and Tab. The tab can best be installed in a channel where many people have access to, so they can view the ranking.
  3. If you want to make use of a “Arena Channel” in which Kudozza published notifications whenever a Kudos is given, create a “Kudos Arena” or “Kudozza Arena” within the team in which you have installed Kudozza. If you have installed Kudozza into multiple teams, you can create Arena channels within all of these teams.
  4. Get started by giving your first Kudos (see the manual)
  5. If you are on a paid plan, you might want to upload some custom emojis in the Settings of the bot (select Kudozza from the App list and have a look at the tabs list).