Give kudos to other team members This is of course the core to Kudozza. You can send a kudos either by mentioning @Kudozza in your message Kudos or by using a more sophisticated dialog. You can choose whatever fits better in the situation.

Emoji reactions All team members can join a kudos by adding an emoji reaction to the kudos. This gives a lot of interactivity/expression and fun to kudos.

Custom upload of emojis And if standard emojis are not enough, there is the option to upload custom icons or emojis. This can be department logos, achievement symbols, slack emojicons.

Arena channels Kudos are only working if they get recognized by others. Therefore each kudos can be announced in a global or team specific dedicated channel.

Multi team support Multiple teams can use Kudozza independently. They can have dedicated arena channels and split statistics.

Ranking and statistics Each kudos and each emoji reaction gives points to the author, receiver and reactor. These points can be aggregated into a ranking list to give Kudozza a gamification aspect.

GPDR compliant Kudozza is developed and hosted by a german company fully compliant to all GPDR requirements. In fact have a look at our Privacy policy or Terms which have a DPA contained in their clauses, so the tool is ready to be used by you without signing additional documents.