Give kudos to other team members This is the core to Kudozza. You can send a kudos either by mentioning @Kudozza in your message or by using a more sophisticated dialog. You can choose whatever fits better in the situation.

Emoji reactions All team members can join a kudos by adding an emoji reaction to the kudos. This gives a lot of interactivity/expression and fun to kudos. In the paid plans you can upload custom icons which can be product or team logos, achievement symbols or some more fun slack emojicons.

Kudos Digest Kudozza encourages to give kudos where the team works, which means kudos get distributed in a lot of channels. The “Digest” view collects them back again into one place. Never miss a kudos!
The Kudos Digest is available on a team but also on a global level. Filtering makes it easy to keep track of all the ongoing kudos.

Tags Tags can be predefined and used as hashtags in a kudos. To emphasize a tag, it can have an image associated. A common use case for this are company values: Kudos, carrying a tag representing a company value, are visually highlighted and thus the value is easy to recognize. But it is also fun to just add some seasonal decoration to a kudos (e.g. introduce a #xmas hashtag with a decorative image associated.

User overview Each kudos and each emoji reaction gives points to the author, receiver and reactor. These points can be aggregated into a ranking list to give Kudozza a gamification aspect.
If you don’t like the combination of ranking and appreciation? Adopt that view to your needs. You can completely remove any ranking or listing.

Badges & Challenges If you want to have gamification without winners and ranking, the challenges might be your thing. A challenge can be setup to last X weeks in which Y kudos need to be given by each participant. Whoever does that, gets a badge (and maybe also an offline reward)?

Skinnable kudos Different organizations have different requirements towards the look of a kudos: Visually highlighted or very compact? More ceremony or less? Or a translation of the intro sentence? All of this is possible within Kudozza. Make your kudos unique!

Statistics You do not want to start blind into implementing a kudos culture. Kudozza provides extensive statistics on a team and on a global level. As we know how difficult it can be to align this with company policies, statistics can be tailored towards your needs.

Arena channels Kudos are working best if they get recognized by others. Therefore, each kudos can be announced in a global or team specific dedicated channel.

GPDR compliant Kudozza is developed and hosted by a german company fully compliant to all GPDR requirements. In fact have a look at our Privacy policy or Terms which have a DPA contained in their clauses, so the tool is ready to be used by you without signing additional documents.

Feature introduction