Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers on this page for your convenience:


Is manual installation of Kudozza required for all teams?

No, manual installation for each team isn’t necessary. While we don’t have a one-click solution to automate this process entirely, there are several strategies you can adopt to streamline the installation:

  • Grassroots Approach: Encourage team owners to install Kudozza within their teams. Often, team members will initiate adding Kudozza themselves if they notice it’s missing. This method is effective in environments with stable teams and proactive team owners.
  • Utilize Teams Templates: Microsoft Teams allows the installation of apps by default in new teams through templates. By adding Kudozza to a template, it will automatically be included in all new teams. For guidance on setting up templates, refer to this guide. Additionally, you can auto-install the personal app for all users via policy.
  • Scripting for Comprehensive Coverage: In cases where your organization does not use templates or lacks empowered individuals, a script may be necessary. This script, which requires advanced admin permissions, can automate the installation of Kudozza across existing and new teams using the MS Graph API. For example, the add-teamsappinstallation command via PowerShell is one option. Alternatively, we can provide a JavaScript script that can be executed periodically as a cloud function.

Due to the extensive admin permissions required, we have not integrated this functionality directly into Kudozza. We understand that for most Teams administrators, granting an app the ability to replicate across their organization without strict control would be concerning.


Does Kudozza support Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Yes, Kudozza fully supports MFA.

To elaborate, Kudozza is designed to operate seamlessly within Microsoft Teams, meaning there’s no separate login process for Kudozza outside of Teams. Authentication is managed through a secure single-sign-on process that is integrated with Microsoft Teams (you can find more details here). Consequently, if MFA is enabled for logging into Teams, accessing Kudozza will also require MFA authentication, ensuring a secure experience.