Why Kudozza?


Kudozza’s mission statement is to support building an outstanding culture in your organization.
Improving culture is a tremendous task, the preconditions are always different and the road to success is slippery.
However, the key ingredient is employee happiness and there are some factors which Kudozza can strengthen:


According to literature (e.g. this report) appreciation and recognition is a huge driver for employee well being and motivation.
This is already difficult in office day-to-day life, but gets increasingly difficult in remote work situations.
Because with Kudozza people can give direct and immediate appreciation, it is an powerful tool to foster appreciation.


If you haven’t seen this short video clip of the great Simon Sinek, do it now.
It explains the chemical reaction behind doing good and watching others doing good. In a nutshell:

Every time you help somebody or you see somebody helping someone, your brain produces Oxytocin, which gives you a good feeling and inspires you to help others as well. That is what we humans are made for.

Because of the public nature of Kudos, Kudozza helps to show others what good is being done.
This can be inspiring for others and change the mechanics within the group.


Besides all psychological improvements, Kudozza is simply fun, as it adds emoji 😆 reactions to MS Teams.
Emojis give an extra dimension of expression for the group. And it is not just the 6 pre-defined emoji from MS Teams, but it allows to upload custom emojis as well. This is awesome on its own (and we are thinking about making it an own plugin for MS Teams).

Besides that, Kudozza offers gamification aspects with its ranking. Competition is a factor not to underestimate when encouraging team members to become more active. Yet this has to be taken with care, as in the end it is not about competion but about appreciation!

Nugget discovery

We talked about appreciation in a remote setting. This is not easy. Especially not for team leaders which are not directly involved in day-to-day tasks of their members.
Because when you are remote, how do you get hold of actions which are worthy the appreciation? It is way more complicated when you are not in the same office.

But there is a simple answer: You let others guide you.
When giving Kudos, Coworkers and team members will automatically point out the good and remarkable actions that have happened: The nuggets.
You get a way better picture about what happens deep down in the machinery once Kudozza comes into play.

Focus on the positive

Every kudos is a journal entry for the good things that people have done in your organization.
It is a moment of celebration and fun which directs the focus of the team to positive accomplishments.
And this is changing how every day life is perceived to the better!