Why Kudozza?

If you are undecided if the kudos concept is your thing, jump ahead to the Why kudos? section.
If you are one step further and wonder why you should implement a kudos culture with Kudozza, please read through our Feature overview first.

Which then leaves us with the basic principles with which we drive the development of Kudozza:

Focus on getting a kudos culture implemented

While the benefits of a having a kudos rich culture are great, establishing it within an organization is not a simple task. The habit of giving positive feedback does not always come naturally. To help with this, Kudozza puts a strong focus on motivating and encouraging the giving of kudos with gamification and leaderboards.

And we do not stop here. We continuously try new formats to figure out how we can best support the change makers within the organizations in getting the kudos culture going.


No organization is the same …
Microsoft Teams can be used in many ways…
And on top there are company policies and government regulations like GDPR…

We try to make Kudozza as flexible as possible to fit into your situation. Some examples?

  • Kudos Digest works on a team and on a global level
  • Rankings are limited to the team level
  • Rankings can be disabled completely
  • Users can opt out of any rankings
  • Statistics can be tailored to your regulations

And if this is not enough, we are always open for feature requests.

100% Microsoft Teams native

Kudozza is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams. Your users never have to leave the Teams client or have to bother with a separate login.
It looks and behaves like Teams.

Sounds like a small deal? It is actually bigger than you think.
You want the barrier to kudos to be as low as possible and as intertwined as possible with your daily tools.
This helps with the adoption of your users. Especially if you strive for the frequent giving of kudos.

Why Kudos?

A kudos culture in which kudos becomes a daily norm can have tremendous effects on your team!

Appreciation that actually happens Appreciation is one of the top contributors to employee satisfaction. Yet, it is often not expressed enough. Kudozza provides a low barrier tool in the working context of the teams. It works easily across teams and hierarchies.

Improve work culture Once kudos are part of the teams daily life, the attention shifts to the “good stuff” that is happening. And to what we pay pay attention to, that keeps growing! In addition kudos can be celebrated which is fun and brings a group closer together! Speaking about relationships, each kudos is another connection between team members lowering the distance between them.

Bringing company values to life When company values are just on paper, they are easily forgotten and do not help to steer the group. Instead, it needs a mapping from actions/behaviours to values. With Kudozzas categories, you can create this connection and visually highlight your company values in daily life again and again!

Support Personal Development Kudos are a reason to post! That means previously undiscovered work is now mentioned. This guarantees that all members of your group get praise and attention. And kudos serve as micro-feedback to the receivers, confirming or even forming the users' perception about his/her own strengths.